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We want your experience with us to run as smoothly as possible. In order to provide a great level of service to all of our customers, we have some terms and conditions that you will need to agree to when acting as an instructor on the Snappy Skills platform.

The Agreement

You agree that by becoming and instructor on the Snappy Skills platform, adding content and using our service that you are agreeing to enter into a legally binding contract with Snappy Skills. The terms are in addition to our standard website terms and conditions that you agree that you are authorised to accept these terms and conditions and that these form part of our overall agreement package.

These terms reference ‘we’ or ‘us’ as Snappy Skills. ‘you’ as an individual, ‘student’ as a person who purchases a course title and ‘instructor’ as s person who uploads course content for sale on our marketplace.



As an instructor you hold sole responsibility for all content that you post to the Snappy Skills platform. This includes lessons, quizzes, downloads, test and other content that forms part of your course title.

You must ensure that your personal information is kept up to date, this includes having a valid email address on your account.

You must own or have the necessary licences, permissions, rights and/or authority to use and post your submitted content and your content must not infringe on any third party’s intellectual property rights. You will not post content that would require us to obtain a licence or pay royalties to any third party (this includes the use of music, video or copies of written work).

You will not embed or iframe any content into your courses  that may infringe on the above or frame or embed our content on an external service to circumvent using our service. 

You must have the required qualifications, expertise and credentials to offer the service you are agreeing to and to deliver the content in your course title

You will enter into the spirit of our website and be helpful and supportive to learners and not mis-appropriate Snappy Skills in any way.

You will not post any offensive, racist, inappropriate or other content that may be offensive, defamatory or libellous content or information.

You will not post content that is purely for advertising or marketing purposes or use our communication tools for these same reasons.

You will not state anywhere that you are an employee or representative of Snappy Skills and recognise that Snappy Skills is solely a platform for your post content for sale.


You grant Snappy Skills the rights included in our terms and conditions to offer, market and otherwise exploit the content you provide. You agree that your content can be licensed to students.

You may change or remove your content from the Snappy Skills platform; however, the agreement that is made when uploading the content to the size will stay in place for 90 days after deletion – this includes the right to refunds, libel actions and legal action.

You agree to abide by our Trust and Safety policies and will not post content listed in the restricted content section below.

You will ensure that the content you post is of sufficient quality and enters into the sprit our platform.

We reserve the right to remove content or suspend and close accounts where the content does not comply with these terms and conditions, where behaviour of the instructor or their content has a negative impact on the student experience or as determined by Snappy Skills.


Instructors do not form a direct contract with students you will only receive the information you need about the student that you need. You will not use any information provided for any other purpose other than to support the student in their learning. You will not attempt to solicit any other information from learners.

Pricing, Payment and Revenue Share

When you add a course title to our platform you will be required to state whether this title is free or paid. You should enter any pricing in Great British Pounds (GBP). The price of your course will be converted to alternative currencies for students and, due to exchange rates, you may not receive the full amount stated after conversion.

If a course is purchased in a state or country where sales tax needs to be paid we will collect and remit those taxes. We may increase the base cost of your title in this case to ensure the correct taxes are applied.

When a student purchases your course, we calculate the gross amount of the sale (excluding any sales taxes – the base amount). We calculate 33% of the base amount. This is made up of a 3% handling fee and 30% commission fee. This creates the net amount.

We then pay you the net amount from the above calculation. If this amount changes then we will communicate this to you.

Payouts are made via PayPal or Bank transfer. Payouts via bank transfer are made in the currency the student made payment in. PayPal payouts are made in GBP

You can request a withdrawal from your account at any time and transfers of funds can take up to 30 days from the request date.

You agree that students have the right to a refund as set out in our standard terms and conditions. Where a refund has been made, instructors will not receive revenue share for this sale. If this is requested after payout, we reserve the right to deduct the amount from the next payment or ask you to remit a payment to us to cover this amount.

When a refund is granted, the 3% admin and handling fee will still be payable to Snappy Skills and will be deducted from your balance.

Use of the Snappy Skills Name and Branding

Snappy Skills own the name and brand Snappy Skills. You may not:

  • Use our brand name or branding in any of your content or external to our website, except for those reasons in our branding guidelines
  • Use our logo, name or any trademarks in a mis-leading way
  • Imply that you are an employee or representative of Snappy Skills or that we endorse, support, sponsor or approve of your courses or content


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