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Got some questions? Check out our Snappy FAQ's.

Got some questions? Check out our Snappy FAQ's.


We are Snappy Skills – a provider of short on demand training courses

Short courses are video training courses that last anywhere from 30 mins to a number of hours

This means you can take the course at any time you like – either in one go or in smaller parts

Once purchased you have access to the course forever.

Once purchased, you can take the course as many time as you like

A device that connects to the internet. All of our content is in video format or some form of downloadable content that can be viewed on any device.

No. This is against our terms and conditions. You are the only person permitted to use your login

You are not able to download the full video course. Some courses have the audio available to download

You make payment at the time of purchase by debit/credit card

You can by and access a course where ever you are

Right now, only English but we are working on bringing courses in more languages to our library

Yes, once complete you can download a certificate to say you have taken the course

You can get help at our Support Site.

You can read more about refunds and our refund policy here.

Please check our help centre. You can also contact us here if you need to.

You can make payment in GBP, Euro or US Dollars

This depends on where you live. If you live in the UK, we will charge you VAT. If you are in an EU state, we will charge you tax at your local rate. All prices shown on our website are inclusive of tax.


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