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Hello! We're Snappy Skills and we're super excited to meet you.

Hello! We're Snappy Skills and we're super excited to meet you.



Here’s some info about us and what we do.

Snappy Skills is a training course marketplace. Our aim is to provide top quality short on-demand training courses. Our aim is to ensure that no matter how busy you are, you have access to training content to help you develop your skills.

Our training content won’t break the bank either. We ensure a fair price for the content available. And, once you buy it, you’ll have full access to it forever*. Even if the instructor updates the materials.

If you’re commuting and want to brush up on your time management skills, eating lunch and want to learn formulas in Excel or the kids are in bed and you want to learn Spanish. You can find the skills you need and take the training when it’s right for you. Either all in one go or in bite-sized chunks.

We want to ensure that everyone gets what they need when using our platform. That’s why we have put together the Snappy Skills Sprit. This helps us all to understand how we can be successful when using Snappy Skills.

Our website started in 2021, but that doesn’t mean we’re new to this. In fact, we’ve been in the learning and development industry since 2002 providing more traditional classroom based training. We started to develop some video courses a long time back and, as we realised that people were getting busier, we thought hey! why don’t we make this stuff available to everyone.

We love what we do and are passionate about the quality of the product we offer. We only ensure the right instructors add their content to Snappy Skills.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously – we like to have fun and want this to reflect in our brand. But, that doesn’t mean we’re not professional – far from it.

We hope you love our content and we look forward to helping you achieve great success.

The Snappy Skills Team

*See our terms and conditions in relation to access to course materials.


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We’re proud to be based in the United Kingdom with an expanding global reach.

Our head office is
Balkerne House, Colchester, CO1 1PA, United Kingdom


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